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Reviews for "ascend"

Well, it was interesting, but I have the same problem as nyllsowath. The thing I'm controlling looks like a big pink box, and so do the other (what I'm assuming are) people in the game. Is that the way it's supposed to be, or is there something wrong here?

rose-engine responds:

Hi, I'm afraid that's not how the game is supposed to look. I'm afraid you might be experiencing a problem with your unity browser plugin (sounds like it's missing some sprites). Have you tried updating your unity plugin to the latest version? Could you send me a pm with your browser/system specs?

This is a very mediocre game, don't let be fooled by the reviews. Here's my two cents:

- movement speed is disproportionately low compared to jumping
- there is no way to look up or down, the screen pans way too slow
- the health bar system is pretty much broken: once you die, you lose all your collected health....so that's a waste, you basically complete the game with 1 health...just the way you started.
- this point is related to the earlier point about not seeing below. Once you fall down, you are likely to fall in a spke-pit.....from which you cannot really get out easilty because of the poor movement speed. Dunzo.
- a game with a theme of horror CANNOT ALLOW ITSELF TO BE BORING - this is boring


- the music is atmospheric, albeit monotonous
- the character design looks nice

Hope you can do something about these few things.

the only problem with this game is the girl sometimes will walk to far without my say so and walk onto the death spikes i don't know if this was a thing you added to the game to give it alittle bit more of a difficulty spike but it gets rather bothersome other then that stellar dark game you got here

Controls should be tweaked. Your jump go up very fast and lack forward momentum. This make jumps where you have to reach another platform without touching spikes over your head a pain. Also, since platforms and spikes are not synchronised, you sometime have to wait a long time for the timing to be good for a jump.

Am i missing something here or is this literally just a pink f*king box?