Reviews for "Saved by the Bell"

I love your concepts with the play on words, Munguia. They always make for a fun, playful concept. As far as this game is concerned, it doesn't disappoint in that category. The game itself was fun. I admit, the movement was a little difficult to keep with in avoiding some of the obstacles, but it wasn't too terrible. Still easily manageable, once you get a grasp of it. Overall, fun stuff as always. Keep it up!

I quite liked it. I didn't find the arrow controls as frustrating as others. The only suggested I might make in that regard to get rid of the slight delay when you are switching between the four lanes, though that might make it too easy.

Munguia responds:

Thanks Bubba, the game can be won on 3 minutes but i could take hours to others, thats funny for me. Some users are only clickers


A different step from your art games, it's nice but i have to agree with others, the up and down controls are still with a delay and the collision box with the fires is off by a few seconds and area. Over all still a nice game.

Smiple but fun