Reviews for "Saved by the Bell"

You always know how to make the strangest games with the strangest soundtracks

Munguia responds:

Thanks Wegra, i am strange

I appreciate how this is an original game. I admit that I was quite annoyed by how hard it was. You lost all of your bells when you got damage. It was weird how you couldn't help more of them afterwards. I guess that just wasn't shown. The fire's nice at least.

Well, not nice for me. I can tell you're the same guy who did those painting games. This isn't as good. I was expecting a Saved By The Bell parody. Well, I guess it is just a phrase used by a lot of people. It's at least playable.

Munguia responds:

Thanks for review Ericho, like every game things can be easy for some players but others not, this game can be won on 3 minutes.
Of course Famous Paintings are better, i spend 7 years paint em and goes on, this game is an small pum, just a quicky shot.

Smiple but fun

Simple but fun. Nice characters' name.

Simple kinda game, but I do like your wacky art style too - played other games of yours through the stencyl forums in the past - always amused me. :)