Reviews for "Super Idle Imagination"

Finally.... I finally got all the achievements in the game....
And it seems like the guy below me doesn't know what an RPG actually is. An RPG is a role-playing game, and in this game you play the role of a game developer.
The reviews in the game are hilarious.

Not 2 B offensive or anything... but how is this an RPG? an RPG is an adventure game. This is an idle clicker game. I mean, I like it and all, but shouldn't this be in spam instead of RPG? Just wondering. Great game, though.

great game. 2 things. how do i enter the mind. how do i get the 1 armed bandit.

Chaz responds:

You just have to concentrate REALLY hard.

The gentleman shark wants me to die in a fire.... hmm

Haha, fun game!! I like the overall design, and the high risk of severe carpal tunnel. That really made the game. I am currrently trying to win all the awards.

Btw Chaz, I made that recipe that you gave in reply to that one guy, and it made a lovely crumble pound cake with a sweet butter filling**(see bottom), despite not knowing any of the exact measurements, PLUS the fact that you probably spiked the ingredients like you spiked the french guy. (Oh wait, you only spike punch bowls.... guess who isn't coming to my birthday party.)

**(I am assuming that it was supposed to turn out as a pound cake. If not, please pray for me as I fear for my life after eating an un-named dessert made with expired milk.)

Chaz responds:

In other news, a man has been found inside a duck.