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Reviews for "Super Idle Imagination"

... Idle games ... Adventure RPG ...
and NO BeeoBoop567 , an Idle game can't be a RPG ... it can try and fake to be a RPG but it'll never be !

RPG's can be adventure games,role playing games and leveling up games
im just saying that for people that do not know what rpg games are

10/10...10/10 100/100 BEST GAME EVER

Finally.... I finally got all the achievements in the game....
And it seems like the guy below me doesn't know what an RPG actually is. An RPG is a role-playing game, and in this game you play the role of a game developer.
The reviews in the game are hilarious.

Not 2 B offensive or anything... but how is this an RPG? an RPG is an adventure game. This is an idle clicker game. I mean, I like it and all, but shouldn't this be in spam instead of RPG? Just wondering. Great game, though.