Reviews for "Super Idle Imagination"

clicking has never got this addicting

A problem with this game is the award popup that appears each time you get an award. It's doesn't go away on its own, you have to click it away. It seems like a small issue, but it's actually a big problem. A lot of idle clicking games involve letting it do its own thing for an extended period of time so you can get more levels, afford upgrades, whatever. But having that must-be-closed popup there is a fatal flaw. You can't let the game be idle and do other things if you have to constantly come back and click away the award pop-ups.

i only like the game for the music :3

Kinda boring but it's kinda fun and addicting i'll give it a 4.5

I Didn't Really Enjoy It - But Then Again, I Did Obliterate Both My Hands In A Tragic Waffle Making Accident.

But to be serious this game was kind of like a Chinese knockoff compared to the other idle games, in this one there is nothing else to do, all you can do is click that button or set it to idle for nothing to do.