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Reviews for "Ways to kill Teemo"

Where's Nunu?

lol just before watching this video i was playing a game with Natilus and ya everyone hates playing against teemo because of his damn mashrooms and blinds

Can't say I'm bored with any of those three scenarious, but nevertheless, this was nicely animated! Abundantly brutal if you have no idea who Teemo is, in which case I assume it'd be justified, but nicely animated nevertheless. I like the doomful soundeffects for each kill too, they make it seem all the more ominous.


Voices could be much better, and same with most of the sound effects. Otherwise its pretty decent animation wise.

Olynyte responds:

Hello, I would like to improve that, what would be your advice?

still nice though

Olynyte responds:

First time on Newgrounds :)