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Reviews for "Ways to kill Teemo"

The collective consensus conscious of anger that boils over Teemo is channeled through you young son. Although I particularly love Teemo XP. Teehehehe... you've got love teem or else you would have never made this flash movie. Woulda look at that.

Eh, this kinda seemed like you just animationg Teemo being greusomely killed because you hate him, for what reason? I dunno, I'm guessing you die to him a lot though. Wasn't funny, could be animated better, nothing but Teemo dying a lot... sorry, I"ll give a bit for effort, but I didn't enjoy watching this at all.

Olynyte responds:

Well, the goal is to entertain, and ofc it can't satisfy everybody :p
At least you considered the effort ^^

...Zzzzuh? Oh is it done? Pffff... ok. Long intro, see some blood... well. Ehr. Points for effort.

Violence. Awesome. Girl at the end was a nice touch

love it.