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Reviews for "Epic Boss Fighter 2"

This game is great. Its good to pass the time when you're bored.. Epic Boss Fighter 2 has lots of content that can keep the player entertained for hours on end. I've been playing this since yesterday morning, now its the next day and I'm on the insane difficulty... It took me quite a lot of tries, and i consider myself a hardcore gamer at the most. Note that i spent about 4-5 hours playing, so surely the average gamer would spend about 5 hours or more. Its a great game and i suggest you all try it out. Epic Boss Fighter 2 deserves a 5/5 stars..

Game is great, I played the first part too. The item system is a little bit underdeveloped, too simple. Normal more is interesting. Hard mode is challenging, which is great... Insane mode is a waste of time for masochists like me. I cant possibly NOT complete a game, but I've beat this one and I gotta tell you that was not easy and i couldn't stop and got all angry and stressed.

played before on a10.com cool i got the purple armor bestgame ever!!!!!

Really like the mood this game puts you in! It's relentless but still funny and satisfying after beating that one boss that was stopping you!

I've played this game a lot and the one analogy that always comes to mind is you keep beating your face on a brick wall time and time again until the wall breaks but I love these types of games, that's also why I like bloodbourn, dark souls, and demon souls, its the same concept.