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Reviews for "Epic Boss Fighter 2"

The soundtrack is perfect for the game and a classic to this type of genre and the game overall, is a really good one!

Love the execution of this game. Great customization. Really fun and addicting

exactly that kind of game i love. it's challanging, each bossfight has something new, lot of upgrades to buy and a nice and absolutely not annyoing soundtrack

Awesome game - The idea of it is amazing, and the bosses are pretty unique. One thing I will say however, I do wish it had more of a sign that the enemies were being hurt. It's a lot more satisfying to hear/see an impact every time you hit them, rather than them just continuing on the same as always. Other than that, enjoyed it a lot. (:

Hey, the gameplay on this is solid. I can't for the life of me understand how so much effort was spent on making the gameplay, balancing, etc. great but you're still left with a fairly crummy ending? You could at least have unlocked all of the items for me or soemthing once I finished insane mode.

Was it a fun experience? Yeah...

But you know how something feels after you've invested time into it only to get "Thanks for playing!" A waste of time :(