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Reviews for "Epic Boss Fighter 2"

It feels like a mega man game it is quite awesome with the amount of creativity and artwork in each and every boss but the downfall is there is not many upgrades as a result in a not as awesome game 3 stars

the second boss made me lag

Once it's loaded, and you've already watched the commercials, you then have to quickly press the Play button or else it'll endlessly load infinitely more ads/etc... with a small break in time to press that Play button between ad loads.

Your Epic Boss Fighter game also suffered this exact same problem. Look into it. Other Newgrounds games don't do this. Not cool.

Pretty fun once you can get to play it, although a bit laggy at some parts. Main thing is fix the way your games load or something because otherwise you'll have those exact same problems with all your games.

I loved the game and the soundtrack, but... It got me(in a bad way) when I froze in the middle of a run and didn't even shoot without a reason... Weird! BUt i's still a 4! A worthy sequence!!!

Looks like Megaman