Reviews for "Super Rad Awesome"

This is very well drawn and very well coded! I got ever single achievement XD
Great game!


deathink responds:

Thanks a lot my man :)

Awesome picture as always. I got every single medal except the one that says I found everything! I seriously did! Anyway, it's just wonderful to look at this thing. I guess it's not really that much about Christmas. I don't care, it's still awesome.

BTW, Merry Christmas to you! I thought it was poxpower who was the sole worker on this, but I guess it's you. The music is great too. You should have thrown in some ponies. They make everything popular! Sometimes I had to get it at just the right picture to get the medal.

deathink responds:

Oh no man, are all other medals unlocked in the game? If something happens to the save file it will say you have all the medals on newgrounds, but the game will still be missing them. Also once you have all the others you have to check the medals view one last time to unlock it. PM me and let me know if htis works for you.

Anyway, thanks a real lot for checking it out my man, ponies would be great!!! lolol

Music has the ability to be played for 30 minutes without getting repetitive. So many lovable characters in this artwork, every pixel in its place. How many hours to draw this?! A game where the difficulty starts at easy and gradually becomes more difficult as you near the end. Loved finding characters from the 80s that I had forgotten. Robocop WOULD kill the Terminator. What would happen if Kirby sucked in Krang?

deathink responds:

"A game where the difficulty starts at easy and gradually becomes more difficult as you near the end."
Yeah man, I thought about that a lot when I made this game. I wanted to make a perfect learning curve!

Also, what would happen if Kirby sucked in Krang? The artist POX and designer Mockery played out that scenario in there other game "Abobo's Big adventure". I won't spoil it for you, you just have to go play it!!!

Thanks for the review my man!

yes yes, I do like medals
and the art is just awesome
cool stuff deathink :)

deathink responds:

Thanks a lot wolve. Keep an eye out for more of my stuff, and I'll keep an eye out for yours! Deal? GOOD!

My inability to discover how to follow you on twitter deprived me of my 100%. I will some day. Despite that, awesome music and drawing.

deathink responds:

Click the blue icon at the loading screen :)