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Reviews for "Super Rad Awesome"

What bugs me is that while we both have a looky-findy game published around the same time, your games been coded so that I could expect somebody could play this game on a phone, which is a huge plus.

Not to mention all the pixel artwork from the almighty Poxpower.

*grumble grumble 10/10*

deathink responds:

Your game came out so good my man! I am kinda bummed I didn't get to make something for it, I was really strapped for time, and just barely finished my own stuff. (in fact I was a day late with a commission just to put my game out on time). Keep up the good work Rob.

Can I get this in wallpaper format? This screams epic wallpaper.

Great game! I didn't recognize all the characters, but that's really more my problem. All the medals function fine, but the icons for FIND EVERYTHING, FOLLOW ME, and FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER seem to be mixed up. Nice job with everything, especially the artwork.

Best game Ever. 10/10. Good Theme. Fantastic....