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Reviews for "Dynapuff JUMP!"

Neat game, I just don't know what the "get more marbles" button is for, cause I click it and nothing happens

Preeeeeeety dumb but still playable.I mean...WHAT THE HECK!!!!!>:(.But an awesome on trying and you kind of got it on these games.

This is a pretty good game. It is quite addictive and has much replay value. But I have a few suggestions:
Make the "opponents" more fair (some of them are way beyond fully upgraded.)
Make more levels.
Add more upgrades- some don't help much, and some are too expensive.

This game reminded me of Kirby, and I love games like that. Overall, a pretty good game with a couple minor problems. Also, the gold medals don't seem to work for me.

solid game, but for some reason some of the game medals dont work

This game gives me serious Kirby vibes. I like it. I think having upgrades is nice, but it would feel more impactful if you had a limited number of upgrade points and you got them for completing levels, rather than spending currency. This way, once the game is complete, you can go back through with "max" potential stats.