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Reviews for "Dynapuff JUMP!"

Overall this is a pretty addictive game, packed with upgrades and customizability options, with a slick interface and great character control, not to mention the varied sceneries and obstacles within the different level sets. That said, it feels like it's going to take an INSANE amount of time to collect most of the platinum rewards! If only there were more medals included the grinding process wouldn't feel so monotone for the latter two steps (Gold and Platinum). Any chance all of the in-game achievements could have their own medal? I wouldn't mind less points per each if there more, since you'd get a better sense of progress, and in the end it seems most stats go hand in hand, so aiming for one top medal would mean getting all the rest in the process. If they are added btw, would be great if they could be unlocked retrospectively, maybe via checking the 'medals' page in the game if wouldn't be practical in-game otherwise?

Another feature that would be cool to have is a set of highscore tables, for each level or world, or a total, so that you can compare with users on-site.

I've stumbled upon one bug, where it seems the game randomly freezes at the start of a level. This has happened a few times, on different levels, and restarting the game fixes the problem, but you can't return to menu within the game, or do anything really, it's just the character running on the spot at the starting grid, frozen in place. I assume stats aren't affected, but I haven't checked, would be neat if it could be fixed anyway!

Thanks for an overall great game!


The mechanics feel artificial to me. The ridiculous amount of grinding involved to get maximum stats is dumb, the upgrades themselves defeat the purpose of speedruns in the beginning since you can just go back with higher stats later. Aesthetically it's nice and I like the upgrades and gameplay, but there's just no replay value to it unless you want to grind to get everything and THEN try to do speedruns. This game feels very commercialized, as if it's going through the motions of including upgrades and a currency system, when what it really needs is a mechanic that motivates the player.

There is no reason why players should be forcefully limited to one serious, effective speedrun attempt every 45 minutes, regardless of stage. At the least, once a player has received all the phantom cannon-related medals, phantom cannons should simply be permanently unlocked, and then all subsequent playthroughs will be on even footing.

The in-game "restart" option is also rather useless, since the retries are always guaranteed to lack the starting Golden Heart, and those attempts cannot possibly compete. Since the slightest mistake can often merit a restart, and that happens a lot, this leaves a rather longer series of clicks to properly prepare for the next attempt, and the time-consuming procedure adds up over all those tries.

good game but very hard

Excellent controls, good graphics and sound, along with the ability to customize your little Dynapuff and measure your time against other folks around the internet. Jolly good fun.

I especially liked the last Fantasy course.