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Reviews for "Dynapuff JUMP!"

pretty fun game

I like the amount of customisation, and the general gameplay is great, with a lot of potential replay value, in order to get all the possible items, bonuses and achievements.

Parts of certain levels can be impossible to time jumps correctly on occasion, due to the amount of skill points put into jump height and top speed, but this is a very minor issue and the rest of the game is really top notch quality.

The only thing I don't like is the random lag moments. My cache is clear and this is the only tab up and it just randomly lags. So yeah, that is the only downside.

I am currently running Internet Explorer 11 and Adobe Flash Player 15,0,0,246 installed. No matter how many times I refresh (ctrl + F5) and wait, all I see is what looks like a loading screen with 6 characters jumping across 3 pillars over lava, with a gray bar in the middle (does not fill or animate eve if I right click -> forward), with "Ver. 2.0" on the left and the Twitter/Miniplay/Facebook logo buttons at the bottom middle. Am I missing something, or how do I play?

Great fun, although I get bored with it easily. It is a great time waster when you have nothing to do.