Reviews for "Christmas Cookie Quest"

Great Christmas-themed game you made here. Also, it seems that George is a fan of Sweet Revenge, Crazy Dad's first game. That's pretty hilarious!

AWESOME! It's going to be Xmas soon!!! Yaya! Anyway, I LOVE the idea of using the candy cane as a crowbar. One mistake - when you're using the suction cup thingy and you're supposed to be in the halloween costume, in the comic picture, you turn back into George. Anyway, I love the music. GREAT GAME!

cookies are makes me fat

Makes me want some gingerbread too and its spring

Super cute! One of my favourites of yours. You really love the idea of using candy canes as crowbars, dontcha...I loved the comic-style action boxes during actions. Very quick and easy but such a wonderful game that totally gets me in the mood for Christmas, even in March...The house is awesome, too. Overall such a good game.