Reviews for "Christmas Cookie Quest"

I love this game with some witty scenes. "We want cookies!" for sure. It was tricky to sneak into the living room, but I figured it somehow. "Chris P Bacon" was a brain stimulating name!

Music was great, it's not the typical Jingle Bell or Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. c:

Graphics were well-designed with lovely seasonal decors.

I agree with the poster below, the visuals were really cool in this one. Sometimes I think designers forget how to invoke a simple Christmas mood.

The game was too short and very easy, but I liked the characters, and some of the jokes were genuinely funny. Thanks for a feel-good game!

Played a lot of your games before : I REALLY love the artistic design in this one. The details in the textures and motifs, the blinking lights and proportions to the room. It all felt continuous, not like when interactive object was conspicuously placed with no effort to blend it in. I actually scanned the whole room it seemed so seamless. Love seeing how your work has culminated into something so pleasing to view while playing. If the graphics stay at this caliber and up the puzzle elements and you could have a nice funny point and click adventure worthy of sale (like the Deponia series). You all can def get there.
PS: that is like perfect christmas-time apartment. I feel like taking screenshots for a desktop it's so well drawn and cozy.

yes......ive got the mayo!!!!! yes!!!!!.....ahhh yeah great little holiday click game. smooth cartoon graphics. top effort

fast play, pretty fun.