Reviews for "Christmas Cookie Quest"

I want of a box of cookie mix that you can just put in the oven and have cookies come out, fully cut into shapes and decorated with toppings.

A short and sweet Christmas cookie quest.
The medal works, and I earned it.

Well, it's hard to say anything that bad about this game. It was a pretty typical game where you got sweets. Then again, I haven't played the whole thing. Maybe goblins appear later. The artwork is pretty good. I am just not into the whole point and click adventure game things.

At least it's something Christmas related. It's always nice to celebrate the holidays! I think the details were pretty good in this. It seemed quite realistic. Of course, that doesn't make it that good.

Awesome as always

I always love your games and this definitely deserves the Daily Feature award.

The music is fun, although I will admit I play without as that is how I play these types of games usually. The final song though is phenomenal and if it is available anywhere, please do share the link!

The graphics are very different to me, as I guess I am just so used to the usual really large eyed cartoon characters that are usually done. Were I someone though that probably only played a couple games and then this one, I think they would probably be really into the change.

And finally the scenario is really cute and fitting of the season. It is all about getting together and helping our fellow man, but when gingerbread cookies are offered, you'd better deliver.

Merry Christmas CarmelGames and many hopes for the new year!

A Happy Festivus to you too, and thanks for the Christmas entertainment! Twas a short, but as always fun and puzzling voyage. The three-image comic-strip-like effects were pretty neat too. Looking forward to whatever awesome mouse city adventures next year'll have in store!