Reviews for "A Place in Space"

Nice game , Nice concept and it's kinda addicting to me

Really liked the style. Would like it more if it went outside the one screen, with maze-like design and special items that are needed to go beyond certain areas, like a 2D Zelda game. Still a nice game though.

lokijki responds:

The theme for the compo I made this for was "entire game on one screen," so the current game is limited to that, but a Zelda-style exploration game may be a fun thing to try if I expand on this! :)

Another great Ludum Dare entry which does not work with Firefox and Xp. Played it till level 13 in Chrome. Good game, needs a menu and a pause button.

Those little aliens remind me of Space Invaders. :) Gameplay is simple and addicting, though by the way rooms seem to be randomly generated each time I play I guess it's endless? Would've been neat with a goal to strive towards, or if it does go on forever: highscores. Nice game!


Good game. Different types of enemies, addicting and fun. Only problem is that there doesn't seem to be a mute or pause button.