Reviews for "A Place in Space"

Black screen. Audio plays, and it makes specific sounds when I click the screen, but despite several refreshes does not open. Disabled adblock, restarted browser and computer. Flash is updated, using Firefox 34.0.5

addictive. good music. fitting graphics. nice circular concept. very nice recoil mechanism.
but the bullets and I are very very easily stuck by the door or walls, especially when I walk into a room full of monsters waiting right by the entrance. and the bullet deflection can sometimes "teleport" monsters into me.
also the weapon "upgrades" are all pretty bad strategically speaking. they are each much more useful in specific kind of rooms against certain types of enemies but since I have no control over the terrain of the next room it kind of forces me to keep my original weapon. so I suggest either increase their frequency or make them switchable or something (am I missing something)
also it would be nice to have a clearer difficulty progression other than the inclusion of new monsters. or a checkpoint would be nice. spends way too much time on the towerless rooms and those are just less fun but still takes time to go through.

Awesome idea. I like the physics and the way shooting makes you move. And I really like the color-changing aspect. Has a great replayability value, too! For a "Entire Game On One Screen", it sure feels awesome! I'll give it a 4 because there could be some minor improvements, as always. Like a easier way to know when you get hit by the enemy.

Very creative and fun

I like the fact that you go around in circles and the game keeps evolving on each sub-screen as you make progress, it could work as an interesting way to tell a story through the game.
For a Ludum Dare game I'd say it's a great result with an original mechanic proposal around the theme.
Good job!