Reviews for "A Place in Space"

Fun for a short while, but it doesn't last long, there's very little variety in enemies and I found the graphics to be really ugly. There's only so much you can do in 48 hours. Nice job, try to expand on this in the future.

Reminds me of "The Binding of Isaac". So simple, so much fun, so hard and challenging


That was... surprisingly fun.

I really liked it for the first 10 minutes but then I realized what it was and got extremely bored. The only 'goal' in the game is survival. A game with a lack of goals to reach is not much of a game at all. I sincerely hope you continue to make the game in the future as it has plenty of potential.

lokijki responds:

I'm currently working on expanding it. The original plan was to have multiple stages and bosses to reach and defeat (so the game would have an end point and not just be a survival thing), but there's only so much you can do in 48 hours. :P