Reviews for "Last Town"

After level 10 all apple income stops completely, and i don't get any more for the rest of the game after that making it impossible to buy anything.

Sometimes, after I found 2 gems in the ground, I skip a level.

During the final boss fight, I feel there have been glitches:
- (during the second part) enemies walk through my Engineer's walls
- (during the second part) apples stop growing (maybe there's a reason for this?)
- (during the second part) Engineer becomes immobile once the big boss moves up
- After I die, the game freezes
- Big boss spams his grapple attack. I'm defenseless. Honestly! This game would've rocked otherwise. I would've even paid to play this on my Android phone!

I realy like this game even when your choices does not matter. The reason i gave 1 star is because at level 10 i lost all apple income.