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Reviews for "Last Town"

Well that was grindy.

Base idea of game is solid. I also enjoyed graphics and story. Length of game is good(22 days i think). Multiple choices when choosing story might have annoyed some(as it causes missing part of story) but I liked it. Felt like choices I make matter. Adjusting difficulty was good property for this game. Boss fight was nice in a way that it brought difference in game.

Game play was horrible. Specialties took unknown amount of time to activate which made on-off regeneration of apples worse. It was never clear to me, when apples should be regenerating. For example, in middle point of boss fight regeneration of apples stopped, no reasoning in inside game logic. Annoyance of all odd behavior culminated in boss fight, which was inherently unfair(which, by itself is okay). Unfair battles would require, that they are actually winnable. At any point I didn't figure out what I was doing wrong, for example, one time, boss just ate all my guys, one by one. Only way I was able to beat it in the end was to halt my killing of boss until I could get enough apples in first part, (in part where apples were regenerating) and with voluntary difficulty decrease.

Also other odd things was that sometimes enemy just appears behind my lines.

Game never left me with a feeling when I lost, that how I could improve myself, I just lost, and would I want to decrease difficulty.

With designed unfairness there shouldn't be this kind of unknown. I actually would have liked unfair aspects of it, if game play was smooth. Just suddenly losing half of your guys, guys you used money to upgrade was unfairness. Boss one-shotting my villagers, trader suddenly not showing up when questioned, both are unfair elements. But those would have been very nice elements, IF rest of game play were smooth. Now it felt like laziness, which I'm pretty sure it wasn't.

Visible load bar for special abilities would give at least idea of how long will it take to activate it. If regeneration of apples was supposed to be randomly on/off, mention it. Digging feels completely off, there is no explanation of it, it shouldn't be just random, and if there was some method to gain better results with digging, that should be explained.

This game could be much better. My biggest gripe is with the story, which has the younger witch torn between two worlds and has many racist undertones. Legitimate complaints about oppression and how minorities are treated are attributed to the older and physically unattractive witch sister, narratively implying that such views are outdated and disgusting just like the character that gives them voice. The younger sister is treated unfairly for being a witch, yet she is the one who must redeem herself?? Even though it's hinted at that she can't help being a witch??? It's just who she is??? And you can't see why that's gross? Tbh I'd much rather play a game where two maltreated witches take those who hurt them by storm then a bunch of bigots who set people on fire because they wanted to have clean laundry.

Gameplay wise, there's a solid core but lots of flaws. The small grid makes it difficult to keep track of all the characters, it gets so crowded it's difficult to see who's where doing what. Once a character is placed there's no way to see their range so you can't make sure the next character you place isn't redundant. Randomized loot gain makes it difficult to proceed - if you're lucky you'll do just fine but if you get several empty digs after every battle you'll be struggling just to keep up.

It's not bad, but there are a few things that could use improvement. It would really benefit from the ability to speed up the waves. Also, as other posters have mentioned the apples don't always regenerate. It's also actually to your benefit to purposefully fail early levels multiple times, as you'll quickly accrue a decent stash of coins and gems.

it was pretty fun till day 10. No apple-supply and so no wining possible ...
Even after reloading no change to win without new apples.

Further more the train should come after each fail. I could collect many coins and gems but i couldn't improve my army because i always lost level 10. And after a reload everything i had collected was gone. That was pretty strange. Either the items collected stay between the trys (but than the train should come every time to improve the army) or everything collected is lost if the town gets over run. As it is now it doesn't make much sense.

That plus the bug on level 10 gets you some stars cut off, but never the less 3.5/5 stars.

Love it. Nice story :P I love that i can chose a way to progress the game :3