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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Big Bro"


I was pissing my self because of lauphing so hard!! Good stuff man. FF-fans will mainlyget the humor though.......


It was funny but a little weird.


it was funny

how do you do it?

hey this is probly a little late, but what program did you use to do this?

it looks really cool and i want to try to make a movie that plays like this.(though i wont copy anything that you did)

Good flash I liked it!

But why does everyone call black mage vivi, I mean come on is that the kind of name you call a mage? I like black mage, he's my fave out of final fantasy and I would have gave this a better score if he stayed longer and even better if he won! Why, oh, why would they call black mage vivi? please tell me!