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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Big Bro"


That was insanly entertaining!! My fav line... "But instead of them justleaving the house, the remaining house guests will be invited to slaughter the one they voted off!" LMAO!!

luv it luv it luv it luv it luv it

lots of death, cloud un-closeted an lesbian action between peach an samus. pure gold! ;)


Cecil should've been the first guy to die!


Loooove it, it makes Big Brother actually bearable to watch. lol. But as it says at the end, you killed off all the best characters.

Btw whats the name of that SOAD song? It rocks!

Heh, the idea is what makes this flash best.

This movie was nothing short of brilliant, it was funny, and the idea was one of the best in any Final Fantasy flash I've seen on Newgrounds. If I could go back in time and prevent you from making this movie so I could do it myself, I definitely would. >:)

The only thing that downfalls this flash ever so slightly was the fact that a lot of the characters got voted out/were killed too quickly, and didn't really even have much of a point to them at all.

Nonetheless, it was a brilliant movie, and I love the idea, mainly because I hate Big Brother ever so much, so seeing a kind of mockery of it, even though it wasn't really a mockery, made it funnier for me.

Love it, the sequel's pretty good too, but I favour this one. Good job. :)