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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Big Bro"

I didn't really understand it, since I don't like FF, but I liked that the theme was the Riddle School theme sped up, and put in 4 years before Riddle School. Such memories.

This is one of my old favorites. I love so much about this. A lot of effort went into it I can tell. So many good moments like Zidane in the institution, Fighter can't swim, System of a Down, and Celes being crazy.

It's okay, but a little disappointing because I thought you got to choose your character and play.
And yeah... is it just me or Firion and Luneth are missing? Nevermind, not gonna pick on that, although FFII was my favourite FF by far...

It's okay, although the last people on my list to live were the two that did live. Cool anims, though.

note to zelf i just learned why morph is epic but wasn't it called transform now or something sucky.... either way your a genius =D

There is a mistake, Cecil and Rosa are not the only married FF Couple, you forget Zidane and Dagger ^^

But awesome work =D