Reviews for "room nr. 6"

I love these type of pictures...

No description or anything, just a bunch of odd randomness that (probably) means plenty to you, and nothing to us, but randomness. Good job :D


Mate, I love all your work but i'm pretty sure this is my favourite piece of yours. Everything about it is amazing and you can actually SEE the effort you put into this.

Nothing to criticise as such, although i'd love to know the backstory of the piece!

Anyway, amazing work (as usual). Keep it up!

Something we don't see enough of...

Pieces that stylise without simplifying. They are way too rare, and this piece does it so well it makes me ache. Everything here is perfect. Do you sell prints? I'll pay anything.


like your style on this picture, very creative 10!

Birds don't drink tea!

This picture makes no sense!