Reviews for "room nr. 6"

i do understand...

...this is crazy good shit - however it's tee time and relax.


I love the veins and muscles on the long thin arms and the mechanical body

A Portal reference?

Sorry if I misunderstood, but it's quite a reference to Portal, the Valve game, for me.
In the room nr.6 (Exactly the same name). In that room there was a device that provides a cube (the cube of sugar in this picture). There is also some cameras watching you (like those eyes in the wall). In this part of the game, the IA controlling the center is still being kind to you, giving you gifts. And the bleak walls hide an entire computer that feels you though them (maybe with those eyes, ears and noses). You know you are dead, as shows the 8 ball in your face, but you still enjoy these gifts. The computer treats you as another one, giving you challenges that a normal human wouldn't stand. Your heart is the round version of your better friend in the game, the Weighted Companion Cube (well, now it's a ball).
If you are a Portal fan, you might understand what I'm talking about. If you haven't played if yet, I truly recommend it.
I hope everyone have understood me, I'm not a native english speaker.

A quote of my teacher

Art is like shit. You don't have to understand it. You have to feel it.

This art fits greatly to this ^^

For some reason...

It reminds me of the drinky crow show... o.O

I like the 8 ball as a eye 8D.