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Reviews for "Sonic Adventure X Ep.2"

Yahooo!!!! im soo happy that shadow the hedgehog is here in ep.2!!!?=)


great but man it is hard .anyway i had an idea . here goes.why do not you put a character selection in vs and it must have enemies trust me put it in ep 3 this game is my life

MetaMike responds:

versus mode sounds cool, but what do you mean by it must have enemies ?

So I just finished playing SA X Ep. 2 a couple of days ago and did so after having played part 1 months ago.

I found SA X Ep. 2 to clearly be bigger than it's predecessor and what made it so fun for me was the story. You did a good job on letting various characters interact with one another in a believable fashion.

What also was fun was beating up all those Foot Clan Soldiers but I must admit that it got pretty tedious for me in the 3rd and final chapter. After 4 screens or so I thought to myself "man just stop spawning enemies that prove no challenge to beat and give me the boss already".

Speaking of the boss, while I do like the fact you made that episode's final boss battle with the Shredder a two-phased fight, I felt like the helicopter battle was too easy, which combined with the fact that it's health bar went down so slowly no matter how many rapid fire gunshots you fired at it, made the whole battle feel like it got dragged out longer than it had to be.

Finally I did attempt to get those A ranks but I can't believe how you expect people to get those ranks if you're not even telling them what your rank is based on.

I know it is calculated by two factors, "Enemies" and "Performance" multiplied by a certain number but here's the thing :

What is the Enemies score even based on? The amount of enemies you defeat yourself (not counting the ones your partner defeats)?

What is Performance based on? Solely on how much damage you take over the level? Is it based on how much you correctly time your blocks?

And finally the multiplier, how is it determined by how much your combined enemies and performance score is multiplied? I had x2 and x3 so far but I really didn't know how I got those.

Honestly I think this whole ranking system should have been explained in your Author's comments. I know barely any people have gotten those A ranks but knowing that nowhere in the game or by you the ranking system is explained in detail, I understand why that is.

But overall you've got something good in the works. If what I said can be kept in mind for SA X Ep. 3 and if the ranking system could be explained for episode 2, then that would make something which is already good, great.

EDIT : Thanks for explaining the ranking system, I'll get back ASAP to this game now to get all the A-ranks and their associated medals.

Ahh man so much to say I don't even know where to start ! First of all guess I'll lead with the fact that I found this freakin game on some indie website. I played some of it and thought it was great, saw the newgrounds logo so decided to follow to the website this game actually came from. I really wanted to speak my mind so I made an account just for this reason. First of all I loved this game. Newgrounds has awesome story driven movies and stand alone games but not really a mix of both like this game does. When I found out teejay #13 was a part of this project I was blown away cause I'm a huuugeeee fan of world of chaos and the fact that he played a major hand in this game was just so out of left field. I didn't know teejay did phenomenal work on something thats just so soo different. Its truly a great partnership god I hope you guys produce more of these games ASAP cause I really am intrigued to the max ! i am a nitpicking person though however so I want to talk about things that bothered me. First of all the game lags. It does this somewhat often i'm guessing due to the amount of characters on screen so I was forced to reduce the quality at many points. Also as someone mentioned below there really isn't too much satisfaction to beating the snot out of enemies sound wise. There should be the generic punch sound effect for every time you land a hit. Its cool to hear Shadow groan and grunt everytime he swings but the punching sound effect would have been better i'm sure both could have been added. Also for a game that is very well done it really pains me to see minor "details' that weren't ironed out. One being kind of annoying when the Rocksteady fight starts I usually use chaos spear right off the bat but for some reason Shadow automatically faces right instead of his default cutscene left stance thus wasting a chaos spear.also visible lines in the background. the train stage to be exact, the background as well as the tracks. just small but visible lines that appear. Also something that seriously made me lol. the cutscene in the beginning of chapter 4 i think were shadow and Leonardo are talking. Shadow shifts like 2 centimeters downward on a horizontal flat ground very noticeably. Also the amount of enemies on the train are pretty lengthy. a bit too many as well as the helicopter that practically swallows bullets, still a badass boss fight though. And last not really a detail but I got the final cutscene of the game by getting all A-Rank on the indie website, I was thinking for something that's such a key plot point it would be more convenient if it wasn't only unlockable through all A rank. I love the ranking system but that cutscene shoud be viewable for all from the get go. besides this nitpicking like I said very very well done hopefully this isn't one of those things when you finish one episode and throw in the towel. Look forward to more !

MetaMike responds:

Wow yeah thanks for this you really put things in perspective, teejay does do great work i'm sure he'd appreciate that. Anyways thanks for all of the feedback i'll look into all of this