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Reviews for "Sonic Adventure X Ep.2"

btw can u fix the ep 1 of sonic snice its not coming btw cool game

Meh just meh

It wasnt the worst game I played but the story was meh. Characters were meh gameplay was okay but nothing memorable stands out

This was also really good. The beat'em up gameplay worked rather well and was fun. The crossover felt smaller in scale then in the previous game, but I think it helps build interest in what's going on and makes you wonder what will happen next.

My biggest problem is the final chapter, which when I first played suffered from extreme lag. Not to mention too many enemies showed up on screen one after another, and it started to get tiring after a while. Also, the first part in the fight against Shredder (Where Shadow uses a mech to attack Shredder's helicopter) kind of went on a little longer then it should, but otherwise, it was a really good final boss fight.

Good luck with the next episode.

MetaMike responds:

Appreciate the review ! Ryus campaign was definitely a prelude of sorts setting up SFXS as you mentioned, and yeah the secret campaign does have some shoe'd in scenes. As for this episode i'd recommend sacrificing quality as in the final chapter the increased enemy rate does cause a slow down, Detailed reviewers like you make this all worth while, and yes I think you'll enjoy ep.3 !

shodow is hard

the shadow jump was AWSOME!!!!