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Reviews for "Sonic Adventure X Ep.2"

Hey Mike You Should Follow Me And Also You Should Make A Third One!

This is a pretty good game. The story is OK and the combat is simple. The graphics are good too. The problems i have with the game are the combat should have been little bit more challenging and have more combos to pull off. The music is alright but i wish there were more energizing tunes. Overall I did enjoy the game it just needs more of everything.

"Seriously dude? Arrow keys to move around? The majority of gamers use WASD"
No they don't. WASD is bullshit. Thank you for not using that wasd bullshit.
The music is generic but eh I digress. The foot soldiers are hard to beat but oh well.
Would be nice to have reminders of the controls, especially the attacks.

MetaMike responds:

Reminders eh ? That'd be a nice addition, Thanks for this

Really nice Game the Graphics are Great and the Game is Just AWSOME^^

Several flaws
-Sounds cut off way too early
-Characters are mediocre, and I'm being nice about that
-Dialogue is lame. Get a screen writer
+Graphics are good
-Seriously dude? Arrow keys to move around? The majority of gamers use WASD
-Music is mediocre at best. I'm just being nice.

I didn't enjoy this at all.

MetaMike responds:

Actually ASD was used for attacks, and really the music and dialogue didn't do anything for you ?? Hmm that's the first negative iv'e heard on that matter, Thanks for the review ! I'll definitely take all of this constructive criticism into consideration, thanks for not just being an asswhole and bashing the game, thanks for actually providing insight on how I can make this a better game, really appreciate this thanks for your review ! Don't know what I would do without super helpful reviews like this !