Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

Great game so far, once you know its economy (yes it has a system in there) you can make tons of money and buy all the goodies! save system could be better though. doesn't save sometimes.

i read through comments and realise alot of people seem to stuck at alot of places. (Even with the help of the FAQ in the description. If u din't read it, is good to read it 1st. ******SPOILERS ALERT IN FAQ*****)

After having finish the game, i felt this game could remake into a better version of the game. But IMHO, it already is a very good game to be said. Better than alot of console game in overall.

Plot 9/10,
gameplay 7/10, (using melee weapon felt not smooth, it like holding other button off)
sound and effect 8/10.

sooo hard

This is a really well done game and it looks great. It's true the controls feel a little odd and can't be completely customized, but it's not hard to figure out. The exact progression in the game isn't particularly clear which allows for the ability to explore and learn about the setting, which can turn down fast paced players.
The composers wrote the piece they should be able to transpose and rearrange the pieces at least to stretch it to a good 10 min loop. It sounds good for the atmosphere though. Overall I enjoyed playing it, and I wish more quality games on here would come out like this!

Honestly I wanted to like this game, I really did. It looks good, I really do dig the retro look that your going with and the musics kind of nice though it gets old after a while. But the combat...the combat sucks. To put it simply, it doesn't flow. IT feels like castlevania one, where I'm suppose to fight smart and use sub weapons, or the tools in this case to make up for what I can't handle with my main weapon, cause the main weapon has a lot of flaws. Unlike in castlevania though you don't have a bunch of useful sub weapons AND your standard attack is terrible. Its got wind up, a charge attack that would have been useful if I could move while charging and the range on your swing unlike the range on the vampire hunter whip from castlevania is tiny and your range only gets shorter when you attack while jumping, you pretty much have to be rubbing your tender body your opponent if you want to hit; this means that unless you have the timing down you're going to die...a lot. That's another thing, it wouldn't be so frustrating to die if dying was a slap on the wrist but you lose some of your money, which enemies drop almost never and you can only get a large amount of it through finding the few salable in the game and the odd chest, which makes money a finite resource that you really can't afford to waste. I'm not sure if what you were going for here was the idea that you are a girl who hardly ever fights, and the preferable option in her case would to be to avoid fights when necessary; but why then are there cases where I must fight? If you were going for that then there should always be a strategy that allows you to bypass fighting. But I get the feeling that, that isn't what you were going for cause there is a lot of combat and a lot of combat items that say otherwise.

TL;DR rundown:
The Graphics are nice and retro they really look good and I like them.
Music is good until it gets old.
Combat is really, really, REALLY BAD I didn't even scratch the surface of how bad it is and I could continue to go on at length about exactly how bad it is. Its like Zelda 2 meets Castlevania 1 with all of the worst aspects of both and none of the good.

A final note: this could have been reallhy good if the controls hadn't been so terrible.