Reviews for "Steam Rogue GB"

Amazing game!!!!! I love the retro look and the simple yet difficult puzzles the game presents!!!

Great game! I got a little annoyed with the moving platforms, because if you accidentally bump your head on one while jumping, you change direction. But overall, it wasn't too tough. When I first started the game I was worried that it was going to be a pain in the ass, but only a few levels gave me problems, and most were solved by finding a better solution. I think the 19 is the only one I really object to, but even that's doable once you learn the exact timing.

Excellent gameboy graphics, great upbeat Steampunk music, even if it is repetitive. I like that the levels were small. Any larger and they would have gone from "fun" to "furstrating."

Came for the game. Stayed for the music. Brill!

A delightful and challenging game for both steampunk and gameboy fans alike. You really know how to work with dem pixels!

simply amazing 5\5