Reviews for "Steam Rogue GB"

Yay, another well made retro game :) the graphics look very nice, since they actually look the way classic games actually did (low-tech, pixelated, but as detailed as possible). Also, the music is fun and catchy, I really like the industrial-ish feel to it and the 8-bit style.

As for gameplay, I find these alternative-control puzzle-platformers to be quite a trick to master, but I usually enjoy them. This one took a while to grow on me, but I had a lot of fun once I did. Rather than walking to specific directions with the directional keys, what you do here is turn on the steam engine (therefore making the character move forward, always keeping an eye on the fuel gauge), brake (stop) and jump, and the character turns around when it hits an obstacle of some sort. It's a little tricky, but thankfully, the stages are especially built for the control scheme, so it's all pretty fun most of the time.

The stages are simple, but almost always fun and challenging in a respectable level. There are killer cogs, walls, steam refill pipes, and other tiny features used throughout the stages, which make for a small array, but that's not a problem, since, for the concepts of the stages, those features are all you needed.

There are, of course, a few problems: for instance, given the narrow space between certain deadly cogs and walls, the clumsy movement controls become a big pain in the butt from time to time, and that never fails to tick me off. I ragequit the game a few times before I could finally muster the patience to finish playing the whole thing. Also, for some reason, I can't consecutively press up and down very quickly, because when I try, the second command is ignored (like, I want to jump then stop moving, very quickly, so I press up and down immediately afterwards, and the "down" command ends up being ignored).

Well, save for the frustration I had with the few things mentioned above, this game was pretty decent, and hopefully a running contestant in this jam.

I feel rather bad that I'm not better at this game. I do think it could have been better as you couldn't quite the level or anything. Okay, I know learn you can just hit escape. It is, however, still pretty much impossible to beat the fifth level. I guess it's just not that fun in general.

It's nice to know the details are nice. It is a fairly unique game. It just seems like it's something that works better as a puzzle game. I like the gold color. Smarter people will like it more.

AdventureIslands responds:

For the 5th level, get down from the ledge, jump, then start moving in air to land on the platform instead of hitting the ceiling cog. The previous level explicitly told you can do this.

This game is tricky and it is so in quite an original way.
That's good.

P.S. Sorry, for this personal.. emotion, among the review. Medals do not register for me for a week: _argh_.

Another challenging game by AdventureIslands and I enjoyed it a lot. It has just the right difficulty to motivate you to keep trying. 5 stars!

Wonderful game, found the controls to be excellent. Steam meter perfectly gives a sense of hurry while the saw blades return the caution, an amazing balance of speed and action! 5/5