Reviews for "Steam Rogue GB"

This is excellent fun! Jumping and running both seemed perfectly bug-free to me and I could enjoy a short episode of hop and die.
Not too much challenge for 100 points medal, I think, but since I had fun enjoying both your levels, your game physics and the music -- hey 5/5!
Thanks for this little gem!

I really like this game. It feels like an old GB game. I played it all the way through, one of the best themed plat-formers I have seen in a while, albeit simple. The character even gave reasoning to the primary mechanics!

Fantastic game. My only gripe is that you weren't making this for the original Gameboy back when I was a kid :)

It's a good mix of difficulty without being frustrating. I thought the placement of the steam gusts was well done. Fun music, good retro animation, nice job!

i like the game boy graphic style, good game