Reviews for "Abandoned Ship Escape 2"


And once again I find myself with another decent and even at times outstanding submission here, its a pretty decent game you have created here, and shows in the outcome of it all, There was some high and low points thruout the submission some areas that can be fixed and ultimately cleaned up on certain areas, but I found this to be pretty nifty of a flash works. and outstanding game here.

Well as always ad medals to these.


Was staring at the endless folds of the ocean a while on this one, pretty cool how you manage to loop it so seamlessly all the while just stretching out one image... fun to notice the little details that work so well; probably don't take long to make. Efficient game-making. Graphics are simple and according to that same template as always, but they work well. Overall good fun.


Yeah really I liked this one man spooky story that somebody else is on board, and I was beginning to wonder where all the bogs were at.

How to get water to cook the rice was a real challenge. I like the dim light exploration mode in the ship. It made the game more fun. c:

The most difficult puzzle was the colour wheel. I could only solve it after watching the walk through. Hint: decode the strange message in the green book.

A text walkthrough would be helpful to have in addition to the video one since vids load slowly or not at all for some people.