Reviews for "Abandoned Ship Escape 2"

not bad i like the cigar part and everything else looks good like always

The best of Selfdefiant's point-n-clicks that I've played. Good mixture of puzzles and exploring and much better instructions provided for the "sorry you will have to wait until something happens" bit, which was handled poorly in the past but works pretty well in this one. Nice one.

Very very good! This one seemed properly balanced, not too much of this or not enough of that, just right.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

There are details in this game that doesn't match other things that are supposed to be alike. For example, the first stairwell had up as 1 & down as 3 but in the second stairwell up was 1 & down was 2. So that got me confused as to what floor i was on. Also for some reason when i tried to go up in the second and click on the drawers there it wouldn't let me just kept saying "It's to dark to go down there." When i wasn't clicking on the down stairs staircase. Little tweaks that people don't notice.

Found it a little weird at first , but got used to it.