Reviews for "Shave Time!"

its good really good

It's pretty fun except that it shaves way too much where you didn't put cream . Also I don't know what the brush is for .

Pretty good game. I love their expressions when you "on accident" shave something they don't want shaved. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the music when you're shaving reminds me of a porn movie.

great game! I just ranked 7th place on the all time score board with 20 hair cuts hair cuts in 1:30. If I cut peoples hair that fast in real life they would be dead.

I would suggest that when the time is up that it automatically submits the last customer whether your done with him or not. also it seems like luck plays a big part because some hair cuts are much harder then others, to make it fair, make all hair cuts the same difficulty or make a rigid playlist of haircuts so every one has the same one.

the games amazing but these guys style opinion is whack! And when you put upon them true art of the moustache they give you zero! Untolerabl XD