Reviews for "Shave Time!"

fuck this awesome game, still at a '0'!!!

so much fun lol

While it certainly doesn't have many characters, it's still addicting and fun to play.

Intuitive, nice controls, looks good, well-pitched level of difficulty, genuinely amusing! Gets tired a bit quickly - perhaps not masses of replay value - but this is as diverting as a Skill game can be expected to be, I think.

I'm actually surprised by how challenging this game is. It's still a fun play regardless.

I'll get it straight right here right now. Here are my points'n'arguments why this game doesn't deserve any star:
- I'm not free to make the haircut I want. If I do that, thy punish me with bad score. So, creativity is not welcome.
- There are no women to shave, so it's not gender politically correct (yeah you, women still have hair to cut and, why not, there are even women with beard or with a nice sexy mustache, so why not to shave 'em, too?).
- The music sounds more like the background music of a porn scene with Lisa Ann and Noelle Easton gettin' nailed by some big hard rooster.
- There is no interaction with costumers. It's not a secret that when you go to an hairdresser there is a quatschi quatschi bla bla bla trasch trasch the whole time. Thy all talk and a lot.
- There are too less faces. D'ya think there are such a few different faces out there in the real world?
- No medals. Need to say more?

If you have any question about my rate and my argument, you are welcome to write me a PM and ask what you need. I'll be glad to answer you, so that I'll help you in improving yourself for your next game, that I will be proud of play.
Best regards

Your Rupy <3