Reviews for "Shave Time!"

Pretty good, fun and simple little game, but some of these customers must be smoking crack.

a lot of fun and very oringinal definitely one of my favorite games here

can someone share a secret code witch me ?

That was indeed a lot of fun.

Still not too sure how those leaderboard guys got so much done in that space of time, there sure are some talented barbers about!! ;)

well the game is awesome. but u have to have to have more tools more tools would be better. and if anyone want the secret code its : bootcamp (lowercase). also there should be more things u can unlock by using the code . only unlocking u as a shavable character is not worth going back to the internet and search thousands of websites. anyway, the game was fun!!!. its good and better in several ways. so I AM giving it a 4.5 well thats my comment for it. make it more better next update!.

i rate 10/out of 10 cupcakes