Reviews for "Jeff the Killer"

awesome little game

You should have added a lil bit of dialogue so we could show more empathy with the boy (thus being more scared)

wow, i thought that this game would be a simple game, but no, it was creepy as all hell, so i played it with no sound, and i managed to hide in all places, to pee in the WC (lol that was actually creative and funny), and i got 2 notes, while i avoided the killer, UNTIL....
i saw his face. that f***ing face.

you should really add an 'enable screamer face/disable screamer face'' thing on the menu, because seeing that face after every game-over can freeze your blood.

other than that, the game was good, and the interactivity was excellent (such as the searching, and the walking/entering rooms/ and or the ability to hide).
overall an O.K game. you are good.

You can't hide, you can't fight back, what's the purpose of this? Just a crappy game to perhaps one of the crappiest stories I've ever read.

Lenke responds:

can't hide?
I think you are to scare to pay attention to the game... xD!

Scary and good