Reviews for "Jeff the Killer"

Sound is nauseatng, graphics are crap, controlls are bullshit. Not to mention, I had enough of boringness of all of theese Slenderman games.
I gave you 1 star for work, and 1 star just for a try.

I'm sorry, but I really thought the graphics were subpar in this one. It was weird how this came from this year, but looks so old. I was also confused as to why the Slender Man was there. It was cool to play a game featuring Jeff The Killer. He should be used more here. The music is truly haunting in this!

I don't know why this was frontpaged for Pico Day, but at least it's a cool game. He does look pretty scary. I remember how shocked I was when I first saw that face. This is a fairly good game.

Lenke responds:

is weird, I had a pico game and they front paged this old game(3 months), at last they frontpaged my pico's game, so I have two games in the frontpage at the same time XD!!!

Great idea and great follow, but you might need a bit better graphics. Maybe make a remake with a well known new grounds game artist (That isn't a porn one :P).... Also the music helps give it a creepy feel :D

Fair concept, but I've encountered quite a problem. Holding "z", "m" or "shift" does make the character run, but after a few seconds he slows down to a crawl. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be part of the game, but it is quite annoying when the killer is chasing you and your character won't cooperate no matter how many times you press and hold the run key. I don't think it's got anything to do with stamina because the character only runs for a few seconds and it's impossible to tire out from running for that short a time.
I'm also taking away points for lack of originality. Obviously, Slender executed the idea in this game first, and I'd say probably with more success.
Anyway, I'm not entirely disappointed. It could be quite entertaining but it's not interesting beyond that.

Lenke responds:

is a part of the game, not sure if is better just let you run free, but it add more, you know it adds more....

Jeff isn't scary. His character might be interesting, but he's not scary. Any attempt at a jump scare fails because I'm expecting him to pop in at any moment. The ONE time this game made me jump was when Jeff got me while I was hiding. I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to do in this game. What, do I just run around collecting pages? The pages just have letters written on them that spell out 'JEFF K'. Because there is no clear reason why I need to collect these "pieces of code", I don't get any sense of accomplishment by collecting them. I find it difficult to tell exactly when Jeff is coming, meaning the whole time playing this game, I was just waiting for him to kill me already. This isn't fun, this isn't challenging, this is just tedious. As I've said before, tediousness is not challenge.

Lenke responds:

You need the code pieces to open the door downstairs.
And scare people is hard, I just can scare kids... xD!