Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

Loved it until I saved it and came back the next day. Game not saved.

Junjo responds:

id didn't? and haven't any problem or crash with your browser or flash plugin?

Needs more animals and farm expansoins

It's only worth playing for about 20 minutes, by then most realize costs go up exponentially which blows, compared to crops that sell for just twice as much as the last.

I kept going at it and married Dana, and before I did it offered her ability of watering crops. Perfect! No, not so. She just stood there and waters all four plots for about 1 second and resets to a minute timer. That's bullshit, dude. Don't fuck us with long grinds followed by vague promises.

Tool upgrades and compost upgrades are nice, but again after like level 35 the costs are extreme. Extremely stupid, that is. Best way to get ahead as fast as possible is buy new seeds whenever you can and use prosper on the crop quota guy and hope he offers a task for easy crops with huge payout.

Upgraded house. Okay, 20,000, 100,000, 500,000... then it was like what, 6 million? Absolutely retarded. Buying chickens? After buying just five, they cost 2.2 million each. It's either another case of creator never playing their own game, or not realizing mathematical numbers enough.

Even though I dumped all my stats into harvesting, with high tool levels, harvesting just still takes too damn long. And thanks to the game's vagueness that my deadbeat wife would actually water crops than just stand there, I felt like ending my time then and there. I feel like if I get a baby born the game would charge me 10 million just for that to happen, it's so dumb.

And about scores, oh look. They're hacked, already. Doubt creator cares. The entire game is fail, the concept of "idle" farming is ruined based on the skyrocket pricing and lack of details.

Junjo responds:

- money & time costs: There are things that are not well balanced, this is almost my first game and I probably I have to polish many things. However, the time needed to do things increases from minutes to hours and in the long term, few days... including having more chickens on your farm. This is an idle game, I don't expect that you earn those millions playing active, but letting the game in background for hours.

- Wife watering: water for 1 sec every 1 minute means that your crops grow up about 2.5% faster, so, when you let the game idle, you earn 2.5% more money, 2.5% more exp (for harvesting 2.5% more often) and get 2.5% more flowers (leveling up your wife faster too). Is that really a bullshit?

- Scores: I assure you that I care a lot. As I said, this is my first game, and after seeing those scores I'm learning about what parts of this kind of games can be hacked and how. In fact, I've just added an encryption on the save file (that was very easy to hack), and some checks on the code (but I'm sure there's much more work to do about it).

It's pretty fun, except for the fact that every time i go to play it again the whole thing is reset! I save it over and over and yet it still resets, can some one please fix this?

something about this game just irks me, i dont like it at all.