Reviews for "Idle Farmer"

Great game.

It seems most people in the comments don't understand what and "Idle" game is supposed to be.

I haven't run into any issues, been playing on and off for a week now, doing a good job man.

Nice game, good work. When Eggs Trader will be update here ?

Junjo responds:

It should be. Maybe you need to clean your cache.

Awesome game. Cant stop playing it. I would recommend a better reason to upgrade the house and possibly being able to buy more plots, a helper, and second farm land for the helper to grow for you.

#16 today, next the world :P

Love the game and the graphics. Is it just me or does the mayor look like Hitler? Just draw a mustache on there and you have hitler.

nice i liked this game b4 but lost my data love new save to newgrounds feature well done