Reviews for "[US]SR"

To those who give this a 0. This game is I agree, boring. That being said, this game is frontpaged I think for the deeper meaning being displayed here. War and its effect, and sometimes you aren't the war hero the unexpected can happen. You have to give it your all to survive. It has some nice graphics, and if this isen't just a rage game it was a fun little thing to play with.

Its not an endless game it does have an ending.
The trick is just stop crawling when there is too much static and repeat.

This is not game. This is art.

Well. This "game" is pretty good in sending the message. (I don't sure this can be put it in Video either)
4 star for message. -1 for annoying sound in beginning part and bad graphic. 0.5 for some comment this game made. lol.

I wish I could rate it more, but a game can not be just a message, gameplay is important. I get that you wanted to portray war as it is for most soldiers: Hell. But you got some extra points by the fact that you did not lie in your description: It's a short action packed scenario (not an action packed GAME). I did attempt to save those damsels, you just never said I'd succed. And I never played a war game like that before :D

By the way people, the game DOES have an ending, if you care to reach it.