Reviews for "[US]SR"

I mean, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. Crawling took forever, and there was nothing to do except slowly crawl (and looking at the badass in the backround). This is more of an interactive movie than a game.

Not a game.

If you hate the game because it's not much fun to be maimed and left for dead by forces beyond your control instead of being able to shoot down five enemies with a single bullet and take down a helicopter with a bow and arrow, then you've got the point of the game completely.

It's subpar and lazy for not letting you advance text and letting you crawl all the way off the screen (it's not like I'm giving it 5 stars), but it doesn't really need to be fancy. Now if he were to make a game where you were maimed and had to crawl your way to a MASH unit to survive with obstacles that are tough to overcome, trying not to black out from a concussion or exsanguinate or such, that'd be 5 stars, even if you still got killed half the time by forces beyond your control just to get the message across.

just404it responds:

Where were you able to crawl off the screen? I thought I had snagged all those bugs!

As for the gameplay bits, it was originally going to be a masocore game where the player would have to dodge various enemies and bullets while crossing the highway (death would still static them back to the beginning), but it became obvious that we didn't feel left out of the action; we had fun with that approach and felt like 'main characters,' so gameplay was reduced to the current bleed-out-static so the player is constantly aware of their minimal control (its a weak gameplay mechanic designed to contrast with the shoot-em-up actions of the back heroine). It felt that adding means of death beyond player controlled ones would emphasize the player's role too much. Thank you for the feedback!

Good Critical Idea. I enjoy it.

Boring. The music made me sick, the graphics were lazy and there was just really nothing good about this at all to be honest.