Reviews for "[US]SR"

Well this is an interesting game. Watching the NCP interact with each other oblivious to you trying to get medical attention while your struggling to stay alive. Keep it up.

Nice idea there and I like the [US]SR joke, at the beginning I was expecting a shooter and I got a totally different thing, XD Jokes aside I liked the audio, it might be a bit too slow for people but it brings a certain ambient, nice old graphics, I think you should let us play the Rambo girl's role too as unlockable after finishing the game. All hail to Arsotzka and great Russia ! Great game !

God man. I also gamedeveloper and I think this is BRILLIANT. I hope I could see more such deep games from you. It's touches my feeling. Besides that I'm russian. Cool.

u.u I miss my child days when I used to play games graphically like this. This game makes me think about the world, and how big companies represent the war, like a game where nobody gets hurt.