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Reviews for "You Only Get One Face"

Add the painting ability, I want to make a Warfstache!

good game but could be improved!

Well that was odd. Really unique concept and I love this... but after submitting it registered full beard. So that. Gonna confess I'm docking a half star for being a tad buggy. There seemed to be some lingering or glitchy particles, upon submission it removed all my changes, and the undo button isn't perfect. If you waved the shaver into empty space and trimmed a tiny particle next to previously shaved space, it will restore particles that were removed by a previous cut, that your brush hit with only by coincidence.

For 48 hours? Not f*cking bad at all. In fact, really good and I love the unique concept employed. Amazed at some of the fun stuff coming out in 48 hours here... so congrats on that.
7/10, 4/5, ~WCCC

Well isn't it funny that the beard isn't the face which the title mentioned to me?
It's kinda awesome anyway :3

Good game BUT I tried Hitler's mustache and first game hoot me and I can't reset beard and I refreshed the game and tried again hitler's mustache so.. ''nutin' to see here...'' ?

I don't like/hate or line up with Hitler but Hitler's mustache is a cliche and fun factor.

I think there should have been Hitler..