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Reviews for "You Only Get One Face"

I found this to be a pretty easy game, mostly because I could just do anything and come up with a medal. It was probably a bit too easy that way. I still think it's okay. There was just not much going on at all. I can't blame you for a game made in such a short time. I still have played games that did a much better job.

I guess a barber game is pretty original. The music was fairly good too. I like how much it seems to be from the Gay Nineties. Historians won't snicker at that one! I just don't want to have facial hair.

Pretty good but does not recognize all beards, has some gliches, and Chaplin beard seems very wrong that compare with the Hitler beard.

Fun game, but every time i click submit, the game freezes. I've done this multiple times, so I know it's the game doing it. So there is no point in trying to get the achievements because you cannot submit anything thing.

Good game BUT I tried Hitler's mustache and first game hoot me and I can't reset beard and I refreshed the game and tried again hitler's mustache so.. ''nutin' to see here...'' ?

I don't like/hate or line up with Hitler but Hitler's mustache is a cliche and fun factor.

I think there should have been Hitler..

lol i just drew a dick in his face

triplevisiongames responds:

Haha awesome! I wondered how long that'd take :D